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Made for Me

Roman blind Harbour Stripe Wool Chestnut

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Made for Me

Our made to measure blinds service, for full measurement instructions please use our comprehensive guide

Measure the width

To fit your blind inside the recess:
If ordering a blind to fit inside the recess, measure the width of the recess in 3 different positions and supply the smallest width and we will make the necessary allowances for you by deducting 0.5cm.
Please note any protrusions (such as tiles and wooden rails) and take the smallest width and drop measurement.

To fit your blind outside the recess:
Simply measure where you would like the blind to sit and supply that measurement. No allowance will be made and the dimensions supplied will include head rail and brackets. We recommend that a blind does not extend more than 10cm either side of the window and approximately 10cm above and below. If the window ledge protrudes out we suggest that the blind sits just above or on the sill once closed.

Measure for the finished drop

To fit it to the recess:
Measure the recess drop in 3 different positions. Supply the smallest drop on the order form.

On the outside of the window (i.e. blind size):
Simply measure where you would like the blind to sit and supply that measurement.

Select your lining

Tori Murphy Fabric
Add additional texture, interest and curb appeal by having Tori Murphy fabric on the back of your curtains or blinds.

Sateen Twill (off white) Our standard lining, sateen twill is a light lining that gives a simple crease free finish.

Solprufe (off white) Solprufe lining enables curtains to hold their shape, provide insulation and darken rooms effectively. It improves the look, drape and flow of curtains by adding weight. Solprufe linings enhance appearance and increase resistance to fading from sunlight.

Thermal (off white)
Thermal lining is an effective way to help keep heat in your rooms and cold air out during the cooler months.

Blackout (off white)
Blackout means that no light will pass through the blackout fabric and through to the room. Blackout lining has a coating that fills any gaps in the spaces of the lining fabric yet it still remains soft and allows for beautiful pleats and folds.

Supersoft (off white)
Supersoft is a very soft and cosy lining that not only helps block out the light but also adds wonderful warmth, texture and drape.


Please select either right hand or left hand control position for your blind and choose from chrome, brass or antique brass finish for your chain.

Installation type

Will you be installing your Made for Me blind inside our outside the window recess?

To allow us to comply with current health and safety legislation, please supply your overall blind installation height
Measure from the top of your blind to the floor

Your options:

Width: 0cm
Drop: 0cm
Lining: Sateen
Chain style: Chrome
Chain position: Right hand
Fitting: Inside recess
Installation height: 0cm

Free delivery

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Dedicated to English manufacturing and creating designs with longevity, the importance of home remains at the heart of the business.

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