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Versatile and useful cotton fabric...

The Tori Murphy fabric range is continuing to grow and not only in wool but also cotton. The versatility and strength of this fabric means it is perfect for many varying uses across our homes. A recent project of ours had us delving into the world of pets and more specifically Tori's dog Rudy, creating a cotton dog bed cover in our Woodhouse Check fabric. This is a simple project that can be made with just 1m of fabric and in true Tori Murphy style is reversible and machine washable (perfect for homes with pets and/or children). Below you can see a line drawing of exactly how it was created if you wished to make one of your own. Our pets are part of the family and so their beds are part of your home, why shouldn't it fit in with your style and decor? If you have any questions or ideas we would love to hear from you so do get in touch over social media or email us at

Tori Murphy Cotton Fabric

  Tori Murphy Dog Bed Cover

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