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Let there be light...

We are mighty excited to introduce to you our very own range of Tori Murphy candles this season. Using natural soy wax that is hand poured locally in Nottingham, England our monochrome candles come in two scintillating scents, Natural Cotton and Black Merino.

Natural Cotton is the soft and creamy scent of Red Dahlia, the perfect gentle fragrance for creating a calm and relaxed home, set in a beautiful frosted clear glass. Black Merino is a dark and delicious fragrance created from the warm and heady scent of Noir Oak and Cedar, set in a gloss black glass this candle adds great depth to your surroundings.

Let us know what you think of our latest additions to the Tori Murphy collection and what other home accessories would you like to see?

Black Merino Tori Murphy Candle

Natural Cotton Tori Murphy Candle

Tori Murphy Candles

Tori Murphy Candle box



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