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A visit to the weavers...

Last week Tori and a few members of the team headed up North to the beautiful Lancashire countryside to visit our weaving factory and pull together new ideas for the upcoming collections. With our colour scheme signed off we began feeling our way around yarns, new weaving techniques and piles upon piles of fabric samples to garner inspiration for the 2017/18 collections. We were also lucky enough to be given a guided tour around the factory seeing all the magnificent machines and looms in use, including our very own Harbour Stripe fabric being woven before our eyes! To see the machinery in action really bought it back to us how special it is to have our fabrics woven right here in England and the sheer amount of hard work and dedication that goes in to creating Tori Murphy fabrics and in turn our products. Lancashire is rich with weaving history dating back to the 1800's and to see what the machinery is capable of doing in the present day is incredibly exciting. And so the new collection is now underway in our minds, on paper and on screens and will soon be woven into something very special. Keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more sneak peaks into what is coming, we think you are really going to like it...

Tori Murphy Weaving Visit Tori Murphy Weavers Visit

Tori Murphy Weavers visit

Tori Murphy Lancashire Visit

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