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A fresh new year...

A new year, a fresh start, new beginnings, whatever the start of 2017 means to you we have a whole year of memories to make, fun to have and life to live, so we better get started! With the Christmas decorations down and the festivities over many of us take this time to refresh our homes, clear our minds and get organised and at Tori Murphy HQ we have all the textiles and accessories you need to make your home chic and stylish for  2017.

Starting with our kitchen textiles, after all those boil washes let's face it, those stains just aren't coming out so freshen up your kitchen and dining area with a new table cloth like our Woodhouse Check in fawn. Add some daffodils and it is perfect for eking out the start of Spring. In the same vein our napkins and placemats are a quick and easy way to make your home feel new, and with many of our key patterns and colours now back in stock it is a good time to check them out.

If the little ones bedroom is resembling something similar to Hamleys Toy Shop then fear not, our cotton storage baskets will help tidy those toys and books away in a matter of no time and with co-ordinating bunting why not add these fun (yet still stylish) accessories to brighten up their room and distract from the chaos below. 

Tori Murphy

Tori Murphy dining

Tori Murphy Storage Baskets

Tori Murphy Bunting


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