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A day in the life, photoshoots...

Last week some of the Tori Murphy team headed into the studio to shoot images for the upcoming collection which is due to launch at the end of next month, if you follow our Instagram stories you may have seen a behind the scenes on the day but for those of you who missed our here is a recap.

After days of preparation, bags and boxes of props and product arrived at the studio in a rainy, grey Nottingham however the colourful cushions, blankets, storage baskets, accessories and kitchen textiles all organised, steamed and ready for shooting soon brightened up the day. Styling up the shots and ensuring the angles and lighting are all correct, Tori and photographer Jack then check over the images. Photoshoots are lots of fun, not as glamorous as people imagine but full of life, energy, creativity and imagination! A brief stop for lunch and a coffee refill and the team continued shooting throughout the afternoon until the day wound up, props were packed away and the thought of a well deserved glass of wine was on our minds. 

It was a very successful shoot day and we are so looking forward to sharing all of the new images with you when the new collection launches. Keep an eye on our social media and back here on the blog to see more updates and sneak peaks before the big day!

Tori Murphy BTS

Tori Murphy BTS

BTS Tori Murphy

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