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Hatton & Harding...

Hatton & Harding...

Sometimes you meet people and immediately there is a connection, a like minded appreciation of life, style and vision. This was exactly what happened when Tori met David Hatton and Jerry Harding almost three years ago in Paris. 
Hatton & Harding is a beautiful interiors and lifestyle boutique based in Warwickshire, England, whether you need full interior design expertise or to pick up something special and unique for your home these exceptionally helpful gentlemen will be able to guide you every step of the way. 
For the past three years Hatton & Harding have been great supporters of the Tori Murphy brand and we are so proud to be stocked within their beautiful store, if you are in the Warwickshire area you must stop by to take a look.
For more information on Hatton & Harding please visit their website.
Hatton Harding
Hatton & Harding
Hatton & Harding
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